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Terms and Conditions

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General conditions
Rules and regulations

1)Travel contracts related to the present programme are regulated - despite any clause in contrast to Legge 27/12/177 n. 1084  modifying the International Convention (C.C.V.) agreement signed in Brussels on April 23 1970 relative to travel - by the Direttiva  90/314/CEE, the Decreto Legislativo of May 23, 2011 n. 79 and by the L.R. Toscana 42/2000.
The sale of  “All inclusive” tour packages must be accompanied by a  written contract and countersigned, or bear the company stamp.

2)Terms and conditions
Booking depends on the number of available openings and can be considered binding at the moment of confirmation by the organizer.

1) Payment of  tours on demand

Payment of 25% of the total cost must be made at booking. The remaining amount must be paid 30 days prior to departure.
Payment in the case of late booking, made within 30 days of the departure date, must be of the total amount. Upon payment of the total amount the client will receive a voucher listing the services purchased. The voucher must be presented to the tour guide before the start of the tour.

1A) Payment for Tours on  our Web Site
For tours where prices are stated on our web site, booking can be considered confirmed when the total cost of the tour has been paid for by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. The client will receive a voucher with a list of the services to confirm booking. The voucher must be presented to the tour guide before the start of the tour.

2) Confirmation of cost

There may be a variation in cost until the moment in which the customer confirms booking. The fees stated in the contract may vary only as a consequence of changes in the programme, the fees of the carriers,  which include petrol, taxes etc., for example: landing taxes, boarding taxes in ports and airports. Should the cost  be higher than 10% of the  listed price, the customer has a right to cancel, receiving full reimbursement of the amount paid within 7 weekdays from the moment of cancellation.
The established price cannot be subject to increase within 20 days of departure.

 3) Variations in contract conditions

BEFORE DEPARTURE, should the organizer need to significantly modify the contract in one or more points, he must immediately inform the customer in writing of said variations and any price changes, should they be necessary.
The customer must communicate his choices to the organizer within two days of receiving the above mentioned variations. Should the customer decide NOT to accept the proposed changes in programme, cancellation on his part will not be subject to penalties.

AFTER DEPARTURE, if a substantial part of the services stated in the contract cannot be provided for, the organizer may propose alternative solutions for the trip at no extra cost for the traveller; or he may refund the difference in price between what the tourist actually received and what he was supposed to receive, unless he opts for compensation.

4) Consumer rights in case of termination or cancellation of the services.

Should the customer exercise his right to terminate the contract, as stated in the aforementioned cases, or should the organizer cancel the tour package for any reason before departure, except in cases in which the minimum number of participants has not been reached or for  unavoidable circumstances, the customer may chose from: another tour package of the same price or more at no additional cost; a less expensive package and receive a refund of the difference ; or a total refund of  payment within 7 weekdays from the cancellation date.

5) Refund conditions

Should the customer annul the contract for reasons other than those above mentioned, he will be refunded the sum minus the penalty costs, which are as follows:
a) 10%  within 30 days of departure;
b) 50% within 10 days of departure;
c) 75% within 2 days of departure.

There will be no refund outside the above mentioned dates.
Should the customer who is taking the tour abandon the tour for any reason, or lose contact with the guide/escort, his right to a refund will be revoked.

6) Making over a contract to another party

The customer may make over his package to a third party so long as the conditions necessary for the fruition of the services stated in the contract are the same, that he communicates the change in writing within 4 weekdays of departure, that he includes the complete personal data relative to the person taking his place, and that this person has no impediments, legal or sanitary or regarding different accommodations. The person giving up the package and the person taking his place are both responsible towards the organizer of the contract for payment of the balance and eventual additional costs resulting from the exchange.
The organizer, however, clearly and legally retains the right to suspend the refund of payment for services not utilized after the annulment.

7) Responsibility of the Organizer

The organizer is responsible for any damage to the customer for reasons regarding the full or partial non-fulfilment of the services stated in the contract, whether they be services provided directly by him or services provided by a third party supplier; and he will compensate for the damages, while maintaining the right to be himself compensated for damages from the third party supplier. In this case, the organizer is exempt when the non-fulfilled, partially or fully, service is the fault of a third party and takes place because of unforeseeable, unavoidable circumstances, or rather by accident or calamity. 
The organizer or the supplier of the service will immediately find a solution to the problem in order to facilitate the continuation of the trip but will be exempt from compensation should the problem be the fault of the customer.

8) Complaints

Complaints must be forwarded immediately in such a way that the organizer, his local representative or guide, can solve the problem directly. The customer can also forward a complaint via e-mail - with sent message confirmation - to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.%MINIFYHTML76d9e87e364537a088f28551a5d8f25c29%within 10 weekdays exactly from the date of the trip/services.

9) Limits to compensation

Compensation for damages resulting from the partial or total non-fulfilment of the contract cannot be inferior to:

-for personal damages foreseen under  the Warsaw Convention Bill of 1929 on air transport applied under the law by L. 841/32, Bern Convention of 1961 on train transport applied under the law L. 806/63 and the Brussels Convention of 1970 (CVV) applied under the law L. 1084/77, for  all other  possible damages of which the organizer/seller is responsible (statute of limitations: 3 years from the date of  re-entry, and in the case of non-fulfilment of transport 18 months);
-for other damages in strict accordance with art. 13 of the Brussels Convention (CCV) (statute of limitations: 1 year from date of re-entry);

Any contract that states limits to compensation not foreseen in the aforementioned bills will be considered null and void.

10) Carriers

Carriers are responsible for the passengers only during transport in their vehicles, according to the transportation clause stated.  Programmes are the sole responsibility of the travel organizer. They are not, therefore, the responsibility of the carrier whose sole responsibility is transportation.

11) Customer responsibilities

The customer is expected to proceed according to the rules of common sense and safety, the rules set out by the organizer, as well as expected to abide by the laws of the country which he is visiting. The customer who does not respect the above mentioned rules, will be held responsible for any damages to the Organizer.

12) Competent Court

Any possible controversy will be judged by the Florentine Court.

13) Insurance coverage

Live your Tuscany is insured by EuropAssistance, insurance policy 8492487. The policy covers any risks that result from the normal execution of the services for which it is responsible in strict accordance with law L.R. 23 March 2000 n. 42,  in observance of C.C.V. regulations- Convenzione Internazionale relative au Contract de Voyage (Convenzione di Bruxelles del 23/4/1970 ratified in Italy  by Legge 1084 del 27/12/1977) and later amended, for trips over 24 hours or which include overnight, according to Italian regulations concerning the  application of Direttiva 90/314/C.E.E, June 13,  1990, regarding “all inclusive packages”with the exception of art. 7 of the Direttiva, written under D.lgs. N 206 of 06/09/2005 – Codice del Consumo and D.lgs. Articles n. 79 of 21/06/2011 – Codice del Turismo applicable.

Coverage cap:

Minimum coverage cap not inferior to 1.549.371.00 Euros for accidents/personal injuries per insurance year, with a limit of 1.549.371.00 Euros for accidents/ personal injuries to people, and 1.549.371.00 Euros damage to objects.

14) Optional Insurance Policy

Before departing the customer can opt for an additional insurance policy, which we greatly suggest, to cover eventual cancellations or the return to one's country in case of accident/illness.

15) Warning

Obligatory communication under Italian law articolo 16 della legge 3 August 1998 n. 269 – under Italian law, crimes regarding child prostitution and pornography are punishable with reclusion, even if the above mentioned crimes were perpetrated abroad. 

16) Customer information

-Minimum number of participants (when required)
-General information regarding the trip
-Information regarding the itinerary

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